Aurora Storm

FullDome Short: Aurora Storm

Aurora Storm is an 11-minute NASA-funded fulldome show about the captivating northern lights. It was produced by the Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks, and the University of Alaska Museum of the North.

The show teaches about the causes of the aurorae and how humans who live beneath their shimmering light are inspired by what they see. Quotes from the written journals of past Arctic explorers and indigenous people share stories of how they regarded the aurorae. The show's two narrators are Athabascan Alaska natives.

The central section of the show discusses the geophysical effect of living with a star, and what role solar outbursts play in creating the aurorae. We hear from the photographers about how they create the stunning time-lapse imagery as the show concludes.

This show melds science and technology with literature and a multicultural look at the aurorae. It teaches geophysics and earth science while giving a look at the dazzling aurorae through the eyes of scientists, photographers and local inhabitants who share their traditional views of this phenomenon.

Target Audience: All Ages/Grades 6 and up

Film Length: 11 minutes