Dynamic Earth

FullDome Film: Dynamic Earth

Dynamic Earth explores the inner workings of Earth's climate system. With visualizations based on satellite monitoring data and advanced supercomputer simulations, this cutting-edge production follows a trail of energy that flows from the Sun into the interlocking systems that shape our climate: the atmosphere, oceans, and the biosphere. Students will ride along on swirling ocean and wind currents, dive into the heart of a monster hurricane, come face-to-face with sharks and gigantic whales, and fly into roiling volcanoes. 

Dynamic Earth explores concepts and terms essential to understanding the climate:

· The relationship of Earth and the Sun. The Earth is close enough to the Sun to bask in its warmth, thanks to a series of natural defenses, including its magnetic field.

· Life and the carbon cycle. Earth's climate control system depends on the ability of living organisms to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and store it long term.

· Plate tectonics and its role in the carbon cycle. Audiences will learn that CO2 emissions from human activities now outpace volcanoes 200 fold.

· Comparision with Venus. The story of our sister planet shows just how unique Earth is in its ability to regulate atmospheric CO2 and global temperatures.

· Perspective on climate change. The program fills in major gaps in the public's understanding of climate change, by placing it in a broader context of what shapes Earth's climate.

Target Audiences:

Public: All Ages/Grades 4 and up
GEHMS: Grade 5
GPS: Grade 4

Film Length: 24 minutes

Downloads: Dynamic Earth Educator's Guide

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