NASA Engineering

25 minutes

GPS: Grade 8

Ages 12+


Using a series of live and interactive video clips, students will explore the mechanics of gravity assists, momentum and how engineers used these properties with the New Horizons mission to Pluto, missions to Mars and other planets of the Solar System.   Blast off and take the voyage with us!

Themes within the show include:

Fixing the Hubble Space Telescope
This 8-minute video explores the challenges and engineering behind the Hubble repair. It includes recorded narration and music and features the voice of astronaut Jeff Hoffman, one of the astronauts on Hubble’s Servicing Mission 1 in 1993.

Gravity And Space Travel
This series of short (1-3 minute) clips this program examines the use of gravity assists in space travel, and introduces students to the concepts of momentum and energy conservation. 

Design a Mission
This bundle includes a series of visual sequences providing students the opportunity to explore some of the basic steps in the engineering design process. Students take an active role in selecting a mission and making spacecraft design choices and later learn whether their mission choices led to failure or success.