GEHMS Teachers

The Glastonbury Planetarium offers out-of-this-world learning experiences for GEHMS Students.   Our programs will immerse your students in stunning visualizations in the unique environment of the planetarium.  Please check out class and show options below, then fill out the Class Visit Reservation form or stop by the planetarium office!   The planetarium capacity is limited to 70 (3 classes at a time)  for most programs.   However, we find that one class at a time is best for the best educaitonal experience.

Steps to Reserving a Your Class

Expectations of Teachers/Chaperones 

The planetarium educator’s role is to instruct and guide students through a positive and inspirational learning experience in the planetarium.  Teachers and chaperones need to be active and engage participants in monitoring and supervising their students throughout the total planetarium experience.  

The planetarium is dark and enclosed and thus maybe an unfamiliar but exciting environment for many guests.  At times, programming may also be loud (depending on the show or content). Teachers know their students best, so please take time in advance of arriving to review the rules below and make students aware that the shows are narrated (both live and recorded), so a quiet space is necessary.    Please contact the Coordinator with any special considerations.   

In addition, please plan ahead and limit the amount of repeated entering and exiting by staff during the program. This is very disruptive. We also request that cellphones, laptops and other media devices NOT be used by staff during their time in the planetarium.  

Student Behavior

Please impress upon your students that following a few simple rules will make everyone’s visit more enjoyable.   Ask students to carry as little as possible (backpacks, bags, etc.) as they enter the planetarium and to follow these behavior guidelines:

Planetarium staff reserve the right to end a show early if attendees are being rude or disrespectful to staff or the other attendees. 

Fulldome Space Shows

Grades 1 - 2

Grades 3 - 5

Large Format Films