GEHMS Teachers

The Glastonbury Planetarium offers out-of-this-world learning experiences for GEHMS Students. Our programs will immerse your students in stunning visualizations in the unique environment of the planetarium. Please check out class and show options below, then fill out the Class Visit Reservation form or stop by the planetarium office!

Steps to Reserving a Your Class

  • Lead teacher will submit an online reservation request form: 2022 - 2023 GEHMS Planetarium Visit Reservation Form

  • Our Planetarium Coordinator will be in contact with you to confirm your reservation.

  • It is best to plan ahead at least two weeks for your visit.

  • Please let us know if you have any questions.

Planetarium Rules!

  • For the best educaitonal experience, planetarium capacity is limited to 26 (one classes at a time) for most programs.

  • The classroom teacher is required to stay with the class during the entire program.

  • Please limit the amount of entering and leaving the planetarium once the program has begun.

  • Students are to stay in seats during the program.

Fulldome Space Shows


Grades 1 - 2

Grades 3 - 5

Large Format Films

Planetarium Classes

General Shows

The Planets Show

Using some the latest planetary science and imagery, we’ll travel to the depths of our solar system to learn about each member of our family of planets from tragic Mars to lonely Neptune. Grades 1 - 5

The Sky Tonight (Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter)

The sky above is both dark and mysterious. Focusing on naked-eye astronomy, enjoy a tour of the stars, constellations and planets of the current sky.

Grades 1 - 5

Curriculum Based Shows

Earth, Sun, Moon & Sky

Cycles and patterns are found most everywhere in the universe. This program focuses on the causes of day and night, the causes of the seasons and the changes (phases) in the Moon’s appearance. This can be a two part class. First, using the planetarium as a laboratory, students will observe and predict the cycles of day and night, the Moon's daily and annual motion in the sky, and the Sun's motion through the year. Second, students can view the planetarium show, Earth, Moon & Sun. Please plan on two 45-60 minute sessions in the dome. Grade 5

Stars & the Solar System

Nothing on this Earth can make you feel smaller than realizing that there’s an entire Universe out there. Possibly even just one of many Universes full of galaxies and planetary systems like our solar system. But precisely what is the Solar System? Just how far away are the stars? We'll explore some of the vast distances in space, the patterns to be found within the Solar System and what makes up the Solar System. They will understand that Earth is part of a system of planets and other celestial bodies, orbiting around a star. Grade 5

The Changing Earth: Landforms

Most landforms change very slowly over time. Mountains are formed and worn away, new ocean made and the Earth's crust is weathered and eroded. This can be a two part class. Part 1, students will investigate various national parks and monuments found in order to build their conceptual understanding of energy, collisions, weathering and erosion processed that create the many varied terrains through out the United States. For part 2, students can watch the IMAX film, Natural Parks Adventure. Please plan on two 45-60 minute sessions in the dome. Grades 4 & 5