Live Space Lectures

Live space lectures combined with stunning immerse visualizations in the unique environment of the planetarium.

The Planets Show

Using some the latest planetary science and imagery, we’ll travel to the depths of our solar system to learn about each member of our family of planets from tragic Mars to lonely Neptune. All Grades

The Sky Tonight (Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter)

The sky above is both dark and mysterious. Focusing on naked-eye astronomy, enjoy a tour of the stars, constellations and planets of the current sky. All Grades

The Deep Sky: Nebula, Star Clusters, Galaxies

Beyond the visible stars, planets and constellations of the night sky are hidden celestial gems. Travel deep into the night sky on a treasure hunt for celestial objects that exist outside our solar system. Grades 9 and up

How to Make an Apple Pie: Life Cycle of Stars

Travel through space to witness the birth, life and death of stars. We’ll explore how stars form, how they live and how they, sometimes violently, end their life. Learn about nebulas, supernovas, white dwarfs, and more during a journey through our galaxy’s most fascinating stellar objects. Grades 6 and up

Fire & Ice: Asteroids, Comets and Meteors

Impacts have reshaped the Earth’s surface and are clues to the formation of our solar system. Both terrifying and beautiful, comets, asteroids and meteors have caused destruction and also been the bringer of life. Explore these mysterious objects, where they are found, what they are made of and the clues they offer to our past and future. Grades 5 and up

Universe: The Grand Tour

Blast off from Earth to the farthest reaches of the universe. We’ll explore Earth’s location in the Milky Way, travel to other galaxies and look at the large scale structure of the universe. This program explores the big ideas of our universe. Grades 7 and up

Exoplanets : The Search for Life

Planets are not unique to our solar system. Since the discovery of the first planet orbiting another star in 1995 we have found thousands of exoplanets. We’ll explore the variety of exoplanets found so far, is there life on other planets and how we find exoplanets. Grades 6 and up

The Red Planet: Life, Water & Robots

The planet Mars has fascinated humanity since the beginning of time. NASA and others have their sights set on the Red Planet. We'll explore Mars to understand the planet's history and physical characteristics, why we are so obsessed with it, and the the vehicles and rockets that will one day take us beyond the Moon to Mars. Grades 6 and up

StarGazing 101: A Beginner's Guide

Learn the basics of the night sky. An introduction to how we look at and organize the sky from coordinate systems, time measurements and celestial navigation to the motion and appearance of the Moon and planets in the sky. We'll introduce to you what to look for, how to look and some useful tools for touring the night sky. Looking to buy a telescope? We'll present what you need to know to purchase and use that first telescope. Grades 9 and up