Energy for Life

Our civilization doesn’t know how to do it without energy. We need it almost for everything. Throughout history humans have harnessed the power of wind, water, and heat to thrive. Energy from the Sun warms our atmosphere, driving the currents of air that circle the planet. Learn what measures are being taken to meet the growing energy needs of today’s society. Students will see how electricity can be generated from wind, water, Earth’s internal heat, sunlight, tides and even nuclear fusion. We'll also look at the energy that stars including our Sun produce. Of course we'll take a look at our beautiful night sky. From fire to fission, this show is full of energy!


  • Understanding the origin of the different sources of the energy we use.

  • Identify renewable energy.

  • Compare the long-term different energy sources.

  • Understanding the effects of the use and abuse of the energy in the environment.


  • The energy used by our civilization.

  • Renewable energy: Our future.

  • Fossil fuels and the consequences of its use and abuse.

  • Nuclear energy: fission and fusion.

Run Time: 40 minutes