July 20, 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the first humans landing on the Moon on July 20, 1969  as part of NASA's Apollo 11 lunar mission.   During the Apollo program of the 1960s and '70s, NASA sent nine missions to the Moon. Six of them landed astronauts safely on the surface, the only times humans have visited another world.   

To celebrate, The Glastonbury Planetarium presents an original production show, Moon Shadows.    Learn more about this show and explore the rich history and future plans of traveling to the Moon.  

The Show

The Glastonbury Planetarium, in partnership with the Gengras Planetarium at The Children's Museum and Star Theatre Productions presents Moon Shadows.  Moon Shadows recaptures the unforgetable excitement generated by "the race to the Moon."  

Originally created by the Gengras Planetarium back in 1993 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Moon landing, this show is being updated and enhanced bringing the story into the modern age of the planetarium by incorporating stunning visuals, powerful music, moving narration, archival footage and special effects.   

Relive the drama that captured the interest and imagintion of the world!

Directed by Len Specht

Produced by Jason Archer & Len Specht

Written by Jim Silver

A joint production of the Glastonbury Planetarium, Gengras Planetarium, and Star Theatre Productions.  Original concept by The Children’s Museum Group.   Produced in cooperation with The Children’s Museum Group.

Show Talking Points

Moon Shadows is a recreation of the Apollo missions that lead to the first manned lunar landing, of Apollo 11, on July 20, 1969.   The script is based on a 25 year old production first the developed to celebrate the 25 Anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing.  The 2019 production is a faithful recreation in the spirit of the 1993 production, but enhanced with digital projection and simulations.  The script is the same but features an updated soundtrack with new talent and new high resolution images from the NASA archives.   The team that put the 2019 production together were once members of the same team at the Gengras Planetarium.  The 2019 production was accomplished thanks to The Children’s Museum Group, home of the Gengras Planetarium.  

Images from the Show

Apollo 8 Earth Rise

Apollo 8 Launch

Apollo 8 MCC

Apollo 9 Gumdrop in Earth Orbit

Apollo 10 Apollo Mission Simulator

Apollo 11 Aldrin EVA

Apollo 11 Astronaut’s Footprint

Apollo 11 Buzz Aldrin

Poster Art

Mission Icons

Saturn V on Launch Pad

Columbia & Eagle On Route to the Moon

Eagle Landing

Columbia & Eagle Seperate

Columbia Lunar Orbit

Eagle Ascent

Columbia & Eagle Docking

Columbia Heading Home

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