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Public Show Schedule

The Glastonbury Planetarium is open to the public on selection dates through out the year. You'll see the celestial sights of the night sky and fly through the solar system, Milky Way and beyond in an all new planetarium experience. We offer a regular series of shows on select Thursday nights and Saturday mornings.

Doors open 30 minutes prior to show start time.

Due to the dark conditions in the dome, late arrivals are not allowed.

Playing this Summer

Moon Shadows

The Glastonbury Planetarium, in partnership with the Gengras Planetarium at The Children's Museum and Star Theatre Productions presents Moon Shadows. Moon Shadows recaptures the unforgetable excitement generated by "the race to the Moon."

Originally created by the Gengras Planetarium back in 1993 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Moon landing, this show is being updated and enhanced bringing the story into the modern age of the planetarium by incorporating stunning visuals, powerful music, moving narration, archival footage and special effects.

Relive the drama that captured the interest and imagintion of the world!

A joint production of the Glastonbury Planetarium, Gengras Planetarium, and Star Theatre Productions. Original concept by The Children’s Museum Group. Produced in cooperation with The Children’s Museum Group.

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Mars: One Thousand One


An international crew of astronauts is about to embark on the first interplanetary journey in history, the first manned mission to the surface of Mars. Reporter Miles O'Brien is reporting live from his Space Headquarters TV Studio in New York while events unfold for the crew on their 1001 day long mission.

We will witness firsthand their brave attempts to put human footprints on Mars and return safely to Earth. This journey is made possible by the biggest engineering feat ever and loaded with scientific experiments. The explorers will be extending our knowledge of Mars and will be learning whether or not mankind has a future among the stars.

Experience the thrill of the grandest mission of exploration ever undertaken!